The Runway Program for Dentists

Dentists who want to get into sleep medicine will discover that there are some hurdles that have to be gotten over in order to begin treating patients with sleep disordered breathing. Dr. Michael Krahe, founder of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines, explains that the ACSDD has what he calls the “runway program” that can help a dentist get over each of these hurdles.

Dr. Michael Krahe

Dr. Michael Krahe

What Is Dental Sleep Medicine?
The first hurdle is simply understanding what is involved, both in terms of dentistry and medicine.

How do I integrate it into my practice?
The second step is figuring out how to make it a part of an existing dental practice.

How does it work in my practice?
Once you have a plan to bring it into your practice, you need to deal with a host of questions, like how to bill for it, and how much time to allocate to a patient.

How do I get patients to come in?
Once you have everything else figured out, how do people learn about your sleep dentistry presence and begin to come to see you? The simple answer is that you need a very specific marketing program. ACSDD has developed a marketing solution in concert with Sequence Media Group (SMG), located in Scottsdale, Arizona. SMG can take video content targeted to a dentist’s geographic area that will help patients who are searching on the Internet to find your practice and visit your website to make an appointment.

How do I connect with sleep physicians?
This is the last hurdle. You need to figure out a way to meet sleep physicians and build relationships with them. ACSDD also has a solution to that problem. Stay tuned!

Dr. Michael Krahe is the founder and Executive Director of The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines in Carefree, Arizona. He brings over 30 years of Human Resources and Strategic Planning experience to the ACSDD. As a retired Fortune 400 Executive for a large insurance carrier, his core competencies lie in creating and sustaining a customer service-based organization. Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.

Posted on February 16, 2016 .