Get into Sleep Dentistry by Using an Online Credentialing Program for Dentists

If you are a dentist who has decided to make sleep dentistry part of your practice, how do you get started? Dr. Michael Krahe, founder of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines, explains that the ACSDD has put together a unique program to help you get the necessary credentials. By completing the online program, you can earn an Academic Certificate in sleep medicine.

If you undertake the learning process on your own, you’ll find that there are small courses all over the country that you can take, but there is no guidance on how to put it all together. Attending these programs takes a lot of time and money. The ACSDD has a good, common sense answer to the problem.

There are two components you must learn in order to qualify as a sleep dentist: the sleep dentistry part of it, and the medical part you’ll need to learn in order to work with a sleep physician. The ACSDD program delivers both components online and on demand. The sleep dentistry portion of the course has been developed by an expert in sleep dentistry. This information is presented in video modules. As for the medical information, the ACSDD has brought in a neurologist/Ph.D. who is a sleep physician. He teaches the medical components of the course.

The learning process usually takes three to four months of study. A student can stop, restart, and go back over the materials as needed. This permits you to learn on your own time and not neglect your practice or your family. The course includes an extensive bibliography. The bibliography contains important articles covering a number of subjects, including the efficacy of oral appliances in dealing with sleep disordered breathing.

Once you feel ready, contact the ACSDD to arrange for a test on the material. On the arranged date, the exam will be released to you, 200 multiple choice questions covering both the dental and medical aspects of sleep dentistry. The exam takes about three hours. Upon completing the exam, you press the “send” button on your computer, and the exam is returned to the ACSDD and scored automatically. A passing score is conveyed immediately. After that, the ACSDD issues you an Academic Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine. The certificate means that you have demonstrated understanding of the knowledge you need in order to practice sleep dentistry.

Dr. Michael Krahe is the founder and Executive Director of The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines in Carefree, Arizona. He brings over 30 years of Human Resources and Strategic Planning experience to the ACSDD. As a retired Fortune 400 Executive for a large insurance carrier, his core competencies lie in creating and sustaining a customer service-based organization. Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.

Posted on February 17, 2016 .